About Us

Technologies never stand still – everything around us seems to be evolving, including photography and videomaking. While, expectedly, the film industry is packed with endless hi-tech gadgets and new, progressive techniques, amateur and professional videographers not involved in creating the next Hollywood blockbuster have long been waiting for a revolution. Finally, here it is: literally anyone can now be a director of a breathtaking aerial movie and it often doesn’t even cost a fortune.

Sure thing, if you’ve never dealt with drones before, it will be quite tricky to choose one right away. You need to take your time to learn all the technical nuances of these devices, research the market, and pick something that would seem your best bet. However, even after doing so, your purchase may not come up to your expectations: the reviews might be fake, the specifications – misleading, or the expected functionality can turn out to be not what you truly need.

Who we are

How to avoid such a situation? With us by your side. We, the Extreme Fliers team, do our best to make your shopping easy and hassle-free. Even if you’re a newbie, you don’t have to spend days learning how drones work and what each specification means. We’ve done all the work for you: simply open an article in the category you’re interested in, and rest assured that all the essential information can be found there.

Our team

Glenn Riney

Glenn Riney

Research Writer

Glenn loves writing: no wonder he decided to become a journalist without too much thinking right after his high school. When not working for his magazine, he writes for us on a freelance basis, putting all our findings together.

Vincent Bland

Vincent Bland

Expert Consultant

Vincent is a professional videographer who seems to know everything about the industry. He got his first quadcopter as soon as they appeared on the market, so if any drone-related question arises, we know who to ask.

Edward Goble

Edward Goble


Edward’s a SEO specialist whose passion about photography and amateur filmmaking has always been following him. What could be a better way to merge these two aspects of his life together than creating a site about drones?

How we do it

Topic research: Drones are not made equal. Depending on what you need it for, your best choice will vary. To decide, what exactly to look for while doing a research, our team of experts makes a list of the most essential features for each new topic.

Selecting the products: Our next step is all about picking the most promising quadcopters out there. Not only does the drone need to correspond to our list of essential specifications, but it also must have a positive customer feedback, which we carefully study. We don’t just pin faith on a 5-star rating, we actually study the feedback using our anti fake reviews tools.

Testing the products: Each drone is then put to the test. We need to make sure each model lives up to our hopes, and in case it fails the test, it won’t be included in our list.

Do we get paid?

Our reviews are completely unbiased. We’re affiliates of Amazon which means we get commissions with each sale via our reviews. However, we’re free to include any product in our list; there’re no certain manufacturers who pay us more than others.