Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the World

A compilation of the best drone companies - from hardware to education companies.
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Last updatedLast updated: April 22, 2024
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During the last two decades, the grown industry has experienced remarkable growth. Although drone technology has been around since the 1930s, consumer and commercial drones only became popular over the last ten years.

Today, there are thousands of drone companies, each with their own area of specialization. While this is great news for those who are interested in drones, it can also present a problem. How do you know which are the best drone companies? So, here we’ll examine the top companies and their specializations, so you can have the information you need to make a purchase decision.

Hardware Companies

Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldOur first list of the top drone companies focuses on hardware companies.

Company Name What It Does
1. DJI DJI is likely to be the brand you first think of when you’re considering drones. This company has been around since 2006 and has grown to dominate the industry, with 60% of the market sales. The first drones DJI offered were its Phantom drones, but the Mavic series launched the massive popularity of the brand.
  • Has a solid reputation for continuous improvements of software and hardware;
  • Pioneers of a variety of technology;
  • Best known for drones suitable for new to intermediate pilots.

If you’d like to know more about DJI products, check out our Holy Stone vs DJI review.

2. Parrot Parrot is a French company that specializes in the manufacture of wireless technology, including drones and robots, including Bebop and Anafi drones. However, back in 2019 Trusted Source Parrot to Step Away From Toy Drone Market In a move that’s been coming since a worrying earnings report late last year, Parrot has confirmed that its toy drones – the Mambo, Bebop and Swing – are being discontinued. , Parrot announced it would no longer be operating in the toy drone market.

So, now Parrot has a greater focus on commercial and military drones, in fact, Parrot secured a 2019 Trusted Source U.S military contract Parrot, a longtime competitor to Chinese drone giant DJI, is one of six companies selected by the US Department of Defense to build short-range reconnaissance aircraft for the American military. over many American drone companies. While Parrot toy drones are discontinued, it is still possible to purchase them through resellers.

  • No longer produces toy drones;
  • Parrot designs, develops, and markets wireless technology;
  • Now builds short-range military drones.
3. Yuneec Yuneec began its entry into the list of drone company names by manufacturing fixed-wing RC aircraft, but they then moved into quadcopters. Yuneec drones are primarily in commercial use, but they do have some models like the Mantis Q that are popular with hobbyists. If you’re interested in the Mantis Q, you should compare it with the DJI Mini Pro 3, to see which is best for you.
  • Drones tend to be larger;
  • Typically have six or eight propellers;
  • Primarily for photography, firefighting or inspections.
4. Autel Robotics Autel is a fast-growing company in the industry and is challenging DJI for the top slot of the best drone companies. While Autel does not have the comprehensive product line of DJI, ther are already some very promising models. If you’re interested in Autel drones, be sure to check out this Autel Robotics Nano Premium Bundle.
  • Best known for its EVO series;
  • Similar technology to DJI.
5. Skydio  Skydio has been operating since 2014, but it had its breakthrough into the drone industry in 2018 with the launch of its R1, which put the brand in the running as one of the top drone manufacturers.
  • Produces commercial and consumer drones;
  • The Skydio 2 sold out in just one day;
  • Best known for the Skydio Autonomy Engine.
6. Insitu Insitu not only offers commercial-focused drones, but it also provides software to extract intelligence from drone raw data and other drone-related services. The company is a subsidiary of The Boeing Company, manufacturing unmanned aircraft for a survey, recon and military applications.
  • Best known for the ScanEagle drone, which can carry a payload of up to 11 pounds;
  • Specializes in drones for aerial imaging;
  • Produces powerful UAVs.
7. Delair Delair is one of the top drone companies providing drone-based solutions for enterprises. The Delair product line combines long-range, high-performance hardware with sophisticated operational services and analytics technology.
  • Best known for fixed-wing drones like the UX11;
  • Also provides industry-specific analytics software;
  • End-to-end solutions used in mining, agriculture, construction and other industries.
8. EHANG Ehang specializes in the design and manufacture of drones that are entirely controlled by a smartphone app. The company has some neat innovations on its drones including “smart algorithms” which kick into the app control to reduce human error while flying.
  • Feature-packed drones, including self-protection, dual sensors and app controls;
  • Created a pilotless air taxi which had its first trial flight in 2020.
9. senseFly SenseFly was founded in 2009 and it is a Parrot-owned company, specializing in mapping drones. SenseFly data collection and processing is used in surveying, mining, agriculture, humanitarian aid, GIS and other industries.
  • Founded by a team of robotics researchers;
  • Company-owned by Parrot.
10. Draganfly Innovations Draganfly Innovations is quite unique in the industry as it handmakes all its systems in North America. Draganfly produces drone systems with a specialty in aerial photography, public safety applications and education and research. One of its most notable products is a drone that can sense the vital signs of an individual.
  • Handmakes drone systems;
  • Models powerful enough to handle powered payloads, including advanced cameras.
11. Freefly  Freefly specializes in manufacturing cinematography accessories, including drones, cameras and gimbals. They are best known for Movi gimbals, drone surfing, and gesture-controlled focus. The Freefly product line includes powerful drone models, including the Alta X and Alta 8 Pro.
  • Invented the Movi Gimbal Stabillizer;
  • Synonymous with the powerful pro drone the Freefly Alta
12. Hubsan  Hubsan is one of the best drone manufacturing companies that specializes in toy drones. While Hubsan drones may not have the high quality of some of the other drones we’ve covered, they are budget-friendly and great for beginners.
  • Best known for its X4 series of starter quadcopters;
  • Offers decent build quality with reasonable price tags.
13. Flyability Flyability is best known for manufacturing tough drones that can handle some rough piloting. The drones feature a mesh around the propellers to protect them from an impact. The Flyability Elios was the first collision-tolerant drone that has the potential to remain stable after a contact and is easy to fly in more challenging conditions.
  • Flyability drones feature advanced data capture technology;
  • Award-winning brand.
14. FLIR FLIR is an innovator of sensing solutions for drones via its thermal imaging systems, locator systems, visible light imaging, and diagnostics. However, the FLIR imaging solutions are not only used on drones.
  • Considered an innovator in sensing solutions.
15. Workswell  Workswell specializes in thermal imaging systems that are designed for commercial drones. These state-of-the-art systems allow for real-time sensor control.
  • Workswell systems operate via standard RC radio transmitters;
  • Specializes in systems for commercial drones.
16. Syma Toys Syma Toys is a Chinese manufacturer of consumer drones and is considered one of the cheapest drone companies. Many people consider Syma the best drone manufacturer for newbies as the drones are easy to learn to pilot and they are budget-friendly.
  • Best known for budget-friendly drones;
  • Product line features child-friendly models.
17. Cheerson Cheerson is another Chinese drone brand that has been around since 2003. This was the first brand to offer toy quadcopters, but they also have advanced drone technology with GPS and FPV featured in the Cheerson product line.
  • Known for producing some of the smallest drones on the market;
  • Reasonable price tags.
18. Embention Embention is an international drone company that has been operating since 2007. This brand has a speciality on critical systems and components. The company’s aim is to produce drones to help tackle real world systems. For example, Embention is leading an Ethiopian initiative called Drones Against Tsetse Trusted Source Drones Against Tsetse Drone system for the application of the SIT (Sterile Insect Technique) in Africa in order to control Tsetse fly population. , which involves using drones to sterilize tsetse flies in infested areas.
  • Produces consumer and military drones;
  • Known to design and manufacture high-quality drones.
19. Sky Viper Sky Viper specializes in drones for racing, aerial video and other recreation. However, what makes this brand one of the top drone companies is that there is a flight simulator app, so you can test out how the drones may handle it before you make a purchase.
  • Known for its tagline “Serious Performance, Serious Fun”;
  • Specializes in recreational drones.
20. Aerialtronics Aerialtronics is a leading commercial manufacturer that specializes in drones and accessories for surveying, inspection, agriculture and public safety. It is best known for the Altura Zenith, a drone with a 40-minute flight time, payload capability and extended operating range.
  • Produces the Pensar, which can detect vehicle license plates and recognize objects.;
  • Considered a manufacturer of some of the most versatile commercial drones.
21. Force1  Force1 is considered one of the best drone companies for high-quality camera and toy drones while maintaining low prices. If you’re looking for a cheap drone to get into piloting or have a modest budget, Force1 is worthy of consideration.
  • Specializes in camera and toy drones;
  • Well known for its excellent customer service.
22. AguaDrone As the name suggests, Aguadrone produces modular, waterproof drones and quick-change accessory systems. This includes wifi-enabled sonar fish finders and Fish Pod, a remote-controlled payload release which can carry bait and line to drop where the fish are.
  • Produces drones predominantly used for fishing;
  • Manufacturers a suite of waterproof accessories.
23. Fat Shark If you enjoy drone racing and FPV, you may already be aware of Fat Shark and its products. This brand produces a comprehensive line of FPV accessories, including cameras, googles, headsets and vision systems. If you’d like to know more about night vision drones, check out our review of the best night vision drones.
  • Not to be confused with the video development company Fatshark;
  • Specializes in FPV accessories.
24. BFD Systems BFD Systems has been around since 2017 and immediately established a reputation for creating custom rigs for high-end applications.
  • Experts in payload integration of custom zones.
25. Gryphon Dynamics Gryphon Dynamics is best known for large, high-end drones that are used for cinematography and industrial uses.
  • Specialist in high-end, large drones.
26. Gryphon Sensors Gryphon Sensors developed Mobile Skylight, which is a mobile drone detection system that can help to mitigate the imminent danger. It can detect drones that are flying within 10 kilometers.
  • Best Known for Mobile Skylight;
  • Provide systems that enable flying Beyond the Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).
27. Atlas Dynamics Atlas Dynamics specializes in end-to-end solutions for the drone industry. The company’s aim is to simplify technology to ensure it is more user-friendly. This includes AtlasPro, which is an award-winning advanced drone that has high wind resistance and a long flight time.
  • Manufactures autonomous solutions to enhance drone use;
  • Designs and produces innovative drone products.
28. Dedrone Dedrone is a manufacturer of a variety of hardware and software for drone risk mitigation and detection. The brand is best known for DroneTracker, which uses various parameters to help guard against smuggling, spying, invasion of personal privacy, and even potential terrorist attacks.
  • Produces a wide variety of software and hardware.
29. SicDrone  Sicdrone manufactures drones that are designed for maximum flight efficiency. Its first well-recognized product was a drone with thrust vectoring, which allows adjustment of propellor direction to enhance lift or speed.
  • Manufactures drones for security, agriculture and government applications;
  • Best known for large drones with large payload capacity.
30. GoPro GoPro is widely recognized as a camera manufacturer, but it also produces gimbals and photography accessories which can be mounted on drones. GoPro did attempt to produce its own drone, but the Karma had technical glitches and was shelved.
  • Best known for its photography accessories;
  • Compatible with many drones, including Holy Stone and you can view our list of the best Holy Stone drones for more details.
31. SkySpecs  SkySpecs produces hardware and software solutions, particularly in the field of automation and analysis of wind farms. It is best known for the Guardian drone, which can avoid obstacles.
  • Offers solutions including analytics, collaborative software and consultation;
  • Manufacturer of the Guardian drone.
32. Skyfish  Skyfish is one of the leading US drone manufacturers producing autonomous systems for precise measurement and data collection. In fact, Skyfish developed the first onboard computing, open sensor and navigation platform in the world for commercial drones.
  • Best known for the most accurate 3D aerial models;
  • Skyfish products are made in the USA.
33. Wingtra  Wingtra specializes in drones for survey, mapping and mining industries. The brand is best known for its WingtraOne drone, which takes off like a multicopter but flies as a fixed-wing model.
  • Produces heavier carrying drones;
  • Partnered with over 50 equipment dealers around the world.
34. Airspace Airspace specializes in drone detection and response using radio signals to detect drone activity. These systems are designed to classify drone activity as casual or a threat based on machine learning and AI and provide the user with an alert.
  • Specializes in drone detection and threat response;
  • Particularly popular with stadiums and airports where malicious drone attacks are more common.
35. SparrowHawk by Search Systems Sparrowhawk is an anti-drone system that is designed to attach and deploy a net to capture a rogue drone in mid air. Once the drone is captured, it deploys a parachute for safe landing of the drone and payload. It has the potential to stop a drone up to 20 kilograms.
  • Uses advanced targeting systems to increase drone capture;
  • Designed to capture a drone and payload safely.
36. Azur Drones Azur Drones is a leading European drone company specializing in surveillance UAVs. This brand pioneered the drone-in-a-box system and has developed fully autonomous drone solutions for security and safety applications.
  • Produced the first autonomous drone approved by European authorities to fly BVLOS;
  • Pioneer of drone-in-a-box systems,
37. Vayu Aerospace Corporation Vayu Aerospace Corporation was formerly called Impossible Aerospace and it is one of the leading military drone manufacturers specializing in performance unmanned aircraft. It is best known for the US-1, which is engineered to serve firefighting, law enforcement, border security, disaster response and other heavy-lift, long-duration applications.
  • Dedicated to designing and building high-performance models for sensitive customers;
  • Best known for the US-1.
38. Planck Aerosystems Planck Aerosystems specializes in the design and building of autonomous UAS models for mobile applications. It uses proprietary software and intuitive user interfaces to locate, identify and track contacts of interest.
  • Worked with the City of San Diego and the FAA via the UAS Integration Pilot Program;
  • Creates drones which can be customized to suit the customer’s needs.
39. Percepto Percepto is best known for its market-leading drone solutions for industrial and critical infrastructure applications. The Percepto drone-in-a-box offers continuous surveillance for security at sites around the world.
  • Percepto drones are used in mining, ports, terminals, oil and gas and solar industries.;
  • Also produces drones for ground-based monitoring and inspection.
40. Kespry Kespry specializes in drone-based solutions for a variety of industries, including construction, mining, and insurance. It also created an AI system to help users better understand the data collected by their drones.

Kespry systems are also integrated into DJI drones, including the Phantom and Mavic 2 Pro.

  • Specializes in drone-based solutions;
  • Kespry AI can be applied to any industry.
41. Parazero Parazero was the first company to produce an ASTM F3322-18 compliant parachute system for drones. This allowed construction companies and public safety departments to expand operations in compliance with FAA regs.
  • Specializes in safety compliance;
  • As of 2019, ParaZero has 40 approved waivers for flying over people.
42. UDI RC UDI RC is well known for producing budget drones. The company’s product line includes a variety of RC products, including boats, cars and drones with reasonable price tags. UDI RC drones are large due to the propeller design, but they are some of the most budget models on the market.
  • Specializes in RC products, including drones, boats and cars;
  • Has some of the most affordable drone models on the market.
43. Intel Intel is best known for its computer chips and microprocessors, but it is also a crucial name in drone light shows. A great example of this was at the Tokyo Olympics Trusted Source Spectacular Intel Drone Light Show helps bring Tokyo 2020 to life A dazzling Drone Light Show by Worldwide Olympic Partner Intel proved to be one of the highlights of the Opening Ceremony, as Tokyo 2020 came to life with a spectacle that highlighted the unifying power of the Olympic Games. . This light show was designed by Intel.
  • Best known for computing components;
  • Incorporates advanced technology and software for drone light shows.
44. Action Drone USA Action Drone USA is one of the top drone technology solution companies in the US. It manufactures drones for both government and commercial applications. One of the most recognizable models is the AD-VW1, which is a fixed-wing model with VTOL capabilities, a 200-kilometer operating range, a payload capacity of up to two kilograms, and a potential 50 minute flight time.
  • Collaborates with the FAA to design drone-based solutions.
45. BLADE Blade produces entry-level and intermediate level drone models, which are recognized for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) technology which makes the drone easier to fly. This technology ensures stability regardless of whether the drone is lightweight. The stability of Blade drones is also enhanced by the reverse motor design, which creates an inverted aesthetic.
  • Specializes in entry and intermediate-level drones;
  • Blade drones feature SAFE technology.
46. TuffWing Tuffwing is not a particularly large company with the size of product line comparable to some of the other drone companies on this list. However, if you need a drone or an accessory for mapping, it could be a good option for you.

Tuffwing also has a PPK attachment for the DJI Phantom drone, which uses advanced GPS to enhance the drone’s data accuracy.

  • Specializes in drone mapping accessories.


Drone Resources

Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldIf you’re interested in drones for work or as a hobby, you’ll find these drone resources important companies to note.


Company Name What It Does
1. The FAA
  • Regularly updates the official website;
  • Sends out a newsletter with related news and the latest information for drone regulations;
  • You can visit the FAA drone webpage to subscribe.
2. Women and Drones
  • Shares stories about women within the drone industry;
  • Working to raise the visibility and provile of women within UAS;
  • Recognizes and awards leading women in the industry via the Women to Watch list.
3. Drone Industry Insights
  • Research group which publishes whitepapers, reports and infographics for the drone industry;
  • Provides market intelligence, future potential and current trend information;
  • Offers consulting services to provide business intelligence.
4. sUAS News
  • Leading source for drone industry news and information;
  • Platform started by UAS professionals and pilots;
  • Was established in 2008.

Drone Insurance

Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldWhether you’re flying a drone for fun or as part of your business, a lost or damaged drone can add up to significant expenses. This is where these drone insurance companies could help.

Company Name What It Does
1. Skywatch
  • On-demand insurance provider with hourly, monthly and annual plans;
  • Offers a wide variety of coverage options;
  • Has an easy-to-use app to make getting insurance coverage even easier;
  • Easy-to-use tools to help you fly safely, manage your flights and receive insurance coverage at a reasonable price.
2. Thimble 
  • Offers on-demand liability coverage for commercial and recreational drones;
  • Provides up to $10 million of liability insurance;
  • App-based platform to quickly access coverage.
  • operates on REIN, which is an insurtech platform that is designed for new insurance products;
  • The insurance platform has been designed to provide efficient and cost-effective drone insurance management.


Flight Operations Management

Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldTracking, sharing, storing and analyzing your flight and flight data is crucial for team collaboration.

Company Name What It Does
1. Airspace Link
  • Offers scalable, safer drone solutions for pilots, businesses, and communities;
  • Developed services and products to support compliance with industry regulations;
  • Provides a full foundation for advanced drone integration.
2. Aloft
  • Formerly Kittyhawk;
  • Provides a one-stop shop for logging, flying and coordinating drone operations;
  • Strong focus on value with unlimited logging of hours.
3. Drone Logbook
  • Provides operations and compliance software;
  • Has a focus on automation by supporting the import of 70+ UAV log file types;
  • Provides detailed inspection/maintenance, fleet management and custom documents for reporting.
4. AirMap’s
  • Cutting-edge technology to offer accurate, reliable low-altitude navigation data;
  • Collaborates with industry leaders, sharing data with partner apps;
  • Offers communication tools for the drone industry.
5. Altitude Angel
  • Aviation tech company that enables safe integration and use of drones into global airspace;
  • Cloud platform supports UTM and U- Space;
  • DJI uses Altitude Angel products for safety data in 32 countries in Europe.
6. Iris Automation
  • Built an AI collision avoidance system;
  • This turnkey solution detects, tracks and classifies any other aircraft for threat level;
  • Iris Automation is a key partner on various FAA UAS Integration Pilot Programs.

Mapping and Data-Processing Tools

Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldThese companies enable drone pilots to effectively use all of the data they gather through their drones.

Company Name What It Does
1. 3DR
  • Founded in 2009 and is considered a pioneer within the drone industry;
  • Manufacturer of Site Scan, a complete platform built specifically for engineering and construction drones;
  • Can be used with DJI drones for high res 2D and 3D mapping,
2. Drone Harmony
  • Founded in 2016 to tackle the mathematical and engineering challenges of deploying drone technology;
  • Offers a 3D data capture platform with a cloud service and mobile and web applications;
  • Designed to incorporate into infrastructure workflow easily, so it is globally deployable,
3. PrecisionHawk
  • Leading provider of drone technology;
  • Provides user-friendly data collection features and tools;
  • Offers a wide variety of services from data processing through to 3D terrain mapping.
4. Datumate
  • Data analytics company specializing in construction applications;
  • Creates high-precision, fully automated, cost-effective solutions to improve site safety.
5. DroneDeploy
  • Offers cloud-based software, which is compatible with any drone model;
  • Allows mapping and creation of 3D models;
  • You can analyze and share data directly from your device.
6. Raptor Maps
  • Offers an advanced software platform for standardizing data;
  • Powers serial number mapping, inspections, warranty claims, equipment records and more;
  • Allows users to standardize and compare data across all installations.
7. Avision
  • Leading provider of flight management and airspace technology within the drone industry;
  • Is an FAA-approved US service supplier for low-altitude authorization and notification capability;
  • Has a partnership with NASA for advanced air mobility.
8. Skycatch’s
  • Has a mission to capture global data and “create visual intelligence”;
  • Aims to help people operate safer, smarter and faster;
  • Provides actionable data to help fine-tune operations.
9. Pix4D
  • Commercial leader within the photogrammetry software niche;
  • The software uses images taken by drone, plane or by hand to create customizable results;
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications.
10. AgEagle
  • Provides software to help those providing drone services within the agriculture industry;
  • Singularly focused on the agriculture sector to help farmers increase yields and reduce their environmental footprint;
  • Makes data processing software to analyze agricultural drone images.
11. Gamaya
  • Uses hyperspectral imaging technology, which is 10x more powerful than standard techniques;
  • Designed to help farmers achieve more accurate data.
  • Produces calibrated, accurate multispectral sensors;
  • Takes a unique approach which allows users to fly at 20% overlap;
  • Produces data product including weed maps, yield potential, canopy closure, and more.
13. GeoCue Group
  • Creates tools for kinematic LIDAR data;
  • Workflow management tools are popular with many North American geospatial production firms.
14. Pixpro
  • Software solution for simple, safe and smart surveying;
  • Designed to provide quick data-driven insights for effective business support.
15. Maps Made Easy
  • Software allows users to create their own high-resolution, accurate maps;
  • The mapping software includes various features, including 3D stitching and stockpile volume measurement;
  • Provides the only web-based georeferencing tool.
16. Esri
  • Best known has the builder of ArcGIS, the world’s most powerful mapping software;
  • Offers a location platform that is easily accessible from anywhere;
  • This software is used in a variety of applications, including governments, public utilities, and Fortune 500 companies.
17. Bentley
  • Best known as the creator of ContextCapture;
  • Software allows large and challenging 3D models to be produced, incorporating complex real-world conditions;
  • Easily and quickly provides context for construction, design and operations of infrastructure projects.
18. Trimble Stratus
  • A drone data platform to aggregate operations;
  • Applications include topographic surveys, site measurements and volumetric calculations;
  • Considered the best drone platform for construction sites.

Marketplaces and Databases

Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldMarketplaces and databases provide a place for drone pilots to promote their services and find work.

Company Name What It Does
1. Zeitview
  • Formally DroneBase;
  • Zeitview systems use AI and machine learning for the analysis of large amounts of visual data;
  • This allows easy monitoring of the progress of projects, specifically construction.
2. DroneUp
  • Provides end-to-end data solutions;
  • Can match client requirements with the services of drone pilots;
  • The in-app platform locates and deploys pilots for client jobs.
3. Measure
  • Founded to help businesses avoid operational risk and capital expenses of internal drone operations;
  • This platform provides cost-effective mapping and imaging solutions for clients around the world.


Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldSome of the top drone companies to consider are those who provide funding or invest in other drone companies.

Company Name What It Does
1. Starburst This company offers mentoring and access to one of the largest aviation and aerospace stakeholder groups to help drone start-ups that are ready for Series A.


2. GENIUS NY This is a year-long accelerator that awards finalist teams investments. There are six finalists each year that can receive a total of $3 million. Additionally, Genius NY offers stipends, resources, connections, programming and even housing.
3. SkyFund This is a venture capital firm which invests in drone start-ups. They have backing from DJI and Accel, funding entrepreneurs across hardware, services, applications, and peripheral categories.

Drone Delivery

Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldIf you love drones, you may also be interested in companies that specialize in drone delivery services.

Company Name What It Does
1. Flytrex This is an Israeli drone company that actually created the first cloud-connected model designed for deliveries. Flytrex also created a platform that enables drone deliveries that is ideal for companies who want to implement drone delivery services. This company is also developing hardware tailored for point-to-area or point-to-point delivery.
2. Zipline Zipline specializes in using drones to provide medical services and equipment in remote areas. In 2016, this company partnered with the Rwanda government to deliver supplies and this led to a drone assembly plant being planned in Rwanda in 2018. In recent years, Ziplline has added Ghana as another service location.
3. Amazon Amazon is not only one of the leading online drone retailers, in recent years, they have developed a drone delivery system. Amazon PrimeAir is designed to safely deliver packages in 30 minutes or less using small drones. This service launched in the US in 2022, but it may be a few years before it is available in all Amazon markets.
4. Flirtey This is the rist drone delivery company approved in the US. This company works with firms in last-mile, time-sensitive logistics. These include fast food, online retail, urgent medical deiveries along with letters and parcels.
5. UPS Flight Forward UPS launched its UPS Flight Forward subsidiary in 2019. The FAA issued certification which allowed them to operate a “drone airline.” This certification is the same given to smaller airlines such as charter airlines to operate.
6. Project Wing This drone delivery company was started by Google’s parent company, Alphabet. It launched a delivery program in Australia in 2017 to carry food to remote regions. Today, Project Wing is one of the leading drone delivery services in the US. It gained FAA approval as a certified air carrier and partnered with Walgreens and FedEx to make home deliveries.

Drone Racing

Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldIf you enjoy racing your drone, there are companies that organize and host official drone racing events. Although this list is quite small at the moment, as drone racing gains more popularity, the list is likely to develop to include even more contenders.

Company Name What It Does
1. DR1 DR1 hosts events throughout the world, bringing drone racing across the globe. In fact, they were the first organization to host a live race on broadcast television in 2017.
2. The Drone Racing League The overall aim of the Drone Racing League is to become “what the WWE is to wrestling.” This organization organizes and promotes racing across the US and overseas. You can even use the DRL racing simulator Trusted Source The Drone Racing League Learn to fly like a pro on DRL SIM: DRL’s true-to-life drone racing simulator available on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Epic Games.  to check if you have the chops to become one of its pilots.
3. MultiGP This organization hosts a drone racing championship series each year in the US. There are also local MultiGP chapters throughout the country where pilots can organize their own race events.

Drone Conferences and Events

Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldDrones have become a thriving industry and there are a number of conferences and events within the industry. This can allow you to explore drone manufactures and drone service providers.

Company Name What It Does
1. Commercial UAV Expo The Commercial UAV Expo is one of the leading tradeshows in North America for the commercial drone market. There are distinct commercial tracks for the different industrial applications. You will also find an international exhibition hall which is attended by drone manufacturers from across the globe
2.  XPONENTIAL  This is the leading gathering for uncrewed technologies and it is hosted annually. The event was founded on the premise that cross-pollination will drive innovation, so the event encompasses the entire autonomy sector.

At the event, you’ll find the top minds in the industry to spark new ideas and cultivate collaboration.

3. InterDrone This is one of the largest drone conferences anywhere in the world and it continues to grow each year. In fact, in 2017, Interdrone won an award as the fastest growing conference in any industry.

Interdrone features panels, workshops, industry keynotes, sessions, and a massive exhibition hall.

4. The Boston Drone Film Festival The Boston Drone Film Festival is an international event which celebrates creative pursuits and the achievements of filmmakers, 360/VR creatives and photographers who specialize in drones. The first festival was in November 2019 and it showcased some fantastic aerial photography and videography.
5. The New York City Drone Film Festival The New York City Drone Film Festival is considered a premier venue for the best drone videos created around the world. It not only showcases high-quality videos in a variety of categories, but there are features panels and industry leader talks. The first festival was in 2015, but each year it grows in both quality and size.
6. Aerial Evolution Association of Canada The Aerial Evolution Association of Canada has been around since 2003 and this national association represents, promotes and supports the innovation and capabilities in the unmanned systems community and industry in Canada.

Stem and Education

Top 100 Drone Companies: Top Manufacturers in the US and in the WorldThere are also companies that provide education with or about drones.

Company Name What It Does
1. The Zephyr simulator The Zephyr simulator is made by Little Arms Studios and it provides one of the best experiences for learning how to fly drones. This simulator has been around since 2016 and it launched at the annual InterDrone conference.
2. DroneBlocks DroneBlocks provides curriculum, support and anything else you need to launch a drone-based STEM program quickly. It combines curriculum with an iPad app, which provides a user-friendly and top-class learning program. This offers a scalable end-to-end solution for any project-based learning environment.
3. PCS Edventures The aim of PCS Edventures is to instill passion for STEm in students across the globe via drones and other technology. This company creates materials to assist students in developing the foundations of scientific inquiries, spatial mathematical awareness and engineering design principles, encouraging problem-solving, collaboration and communication.
4. AeroSIM RC Aerosim RC was actually the first simulator to implement multirotor simulation. This was in 2009 and in the intervening years, Aerosim has been incorporating various training programs, flight modes, scenarios, OSDs, gimbal and camera operations and more. This simulator is widely used in various training schools.
5. OnPoynt OnPoynt aims to make it easier for educational organizations to approach innovative drone technology and assist in hands-on building, flying and learning. OnPoynt has been around since 2012 and it has become the nation’s leading supplier of drone education technology. It also offers custom solutions if you can’t find the right kit for your educational program.
6. Droneport Texas Dronepoint Texas has a focus on creating a supportive environment and improving the opportunities within the state. The list of activities includes educating first responder agencies, engaging with governments, involving media, creating pro-drone industrial areas and coordinating with enterprises within the FAA. There are all-day flying events and development training to support the local drone community.

Final thoughts

The drone industry is experiencing amazing growth and our list should demonstrate the potential for even greater growth in the coming years. Of course, we couldn’t possibly cover all the drone companies, but we have tried to pick the best companies in each niche.

Whether you’re interested in flying drones for fun, they are incorporated into your business or you simply want to learn more, there is an amazing variety of drone companies. Hopefully, our list will have highlighted the best companies to meet your needs. Whether you’re a business owner that needs to find answers to your drone issues or you’re an entrepreneur looking for a gap in the market, you can explore the best drone companies and delve further into this fascinating industry.


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U.S military contract
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The Drone Racing League
Learn to fly like a pro on DRL SIM: DRL’s true-to-life drone racing simulator available on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Epic Games.
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