Everything You Need to Know About LAANC Authorization

From this article, you'll learn what LAANC authorization is, why it is important, and what services can help you with approval.
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Drones are being flown daily all around the world. Still, as a remote pilot, the essential regulation you must follow while flying your aircraft is connected with the National Airspace System, and it’s essential always to understand whether you’re in controlled airspace or not.

For every drone pilot, the drone has to be registered under the proper authority to avoid them being confiscated or, in some cases, destroyed. Follow this article as we shall be explaining the importance of LAANC authorization, how the system works, and why it is a critical step needed to use your drone freely.

What Is LAANC?

Many drones are developed and purchased daily, but it is essential as a pilot that ensures that your aircraft is registered and has the proper documentation. If you don’t own an aircraft yet and are searching for a sound drone system, then you should look at our list of the best drones under $2000. It is a compilation of quality aircraft, each having its unique features.

LAANC, also known as the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, is an organization that was developed to serve as a means for the FAA to participate more in activities that have to do with the private drone sector, and their main job is to monitor and authorize the movement of remote pilots. LAANC drone authorization is a cooperative effort between the aircraft industry and the FAA, and it supports UAS integration into the airspace.

Before LAANC authorization came around, getting your aircraft authorized was stressful as pilots would have to go through the stress of applying and submitting a request to the FAA Trusted Source FAADroneZone Welcome to the FAADroneZone faadronezone-access.faa.gov . It usually takes months for it to be improved and authorized for flight. Multiple drones are registered daily, and the Bwine F7GB2 is a good option if you are considering getting a new one.

How It Works

How does the entire LAANC system work? It’s pretty simple. The LAANC system automates each application and the process to be approved for airspace authorizations. Pilots apply for airspace authorization from automated applications created by FAA-approved UAS service suppliers.

Then the requests are viewed and analyzed against various airspace data sources found in the FAA UAS data exchange, which include particular use airspace data, UAS facility maps, and other services. If the applications are approved, the pilots can receive their authorization after some time.

All drones are expected to be registered under LAANC, huge brands like DJI. Although they’re a prominent drone brand, when it comes to LAANC authorization, DJI’s products have to follow the same process. There are multiple unique products, but one that stands out is the DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC). This drone has all the features to serve you well, and it is portable, so it can be carried around anywhere.

When Do I Need LAANC Authorization?

The process of getting LAANC authorization Trusted Source LAANC for Industry | Federal Aviation Administration How does LAANC benefit Industry? The FAA is dedicated to ensuring drones are able to operate safely in the same airspace with manned aircraft. The LAANC capability offers industry the opportunity to work with the agency as we develop a UAS Traffic Management System (UTM). www.faa.gov is pretty simple. As a drone pilot, you must get LAANC Authorization if you fly in controlled or restricted areas, especially airports. The FAA must authorize airspaces under class B, C, D, or E before drones can fly around them. But you should note that the class G airspace doesn’t need to be authorized before you can fly in it.

How to Get LAANC Authorization

As a drone pilot, you must wonder how to get LAANC approval. It is a simple process, and here are easy steps to get your drones approved by LAANC.

  1. Register your aircraft.
  2. Next, you apply and take the UAS Safety test.
  3. You then apply for a suitable date to fly your drone, and it’s important to note that requests must be submitted 90 days before your planned flight date.
  4. Once you have done that, you must pick the exact flight time, the suitable altitude, and the location of the flight. But, flying at the UAS Facility maps defined altitude is essential, or a level below that.

Flying with a damaged or faulty drone won’t be allowed in these airspaces, so you should use a quality aircraft. Look at the best drones under $600, where you can find top-notch drone systems.

LAANC Authorization Apps

Different applications offer LAANC authorization, and you must use the best ones, as multiple fake ones offer fake authorizations. It’s optional to use one of these applications, but it is strongly advised that you at least approach one before flying, so you can be made aware of the airspace conditions. Here are some of the best applications that offer LAANC authorization.


Everything You Need to Know About LAANC Authorization

Airmap is a good application that can conveniently get you LAANC authorization. When it comes to Airmap LAANC authorization, it is usually swift and only takes only like 30 seconds. Airmap offers drone insurance when applying for airspace approval, making it a fantastic app.


Everything You Need to Know About LAANC Authorization

Aloft was formerly Kittyhawk, and it was founded in 2015. It uses desktop and mobile enterprise apps, AI, and security solutions to ensure companies and solo drone pilots fly organized and safely. You can find it on both Android and apple Ios devices.

Airspace Link

Everything You Need to Know About LAANC Authorization

Airspace Link is another good application that focuses on the secure integration of aircraft into the national airspace, and they grant LAANC approvals. The platform allows different communities to share the FAA rules in their area and risk data to help drone pilots fly safely and compliantly.


Everything You Need to Know About LAANC Authorization

AstraUTM is a highly developed full-stack UTM system that helps authorities and drone operators with the necessary tools for all possible UTM workflows. The app dramatically helps manage traffic by tracking airspace traffic with advanced dynamic and tactical deconfliction for safer use. It is used for commercial and recreational drone pilots, and as an FAA-approved service, it is available on multiple applications.


Everything You Need to Know About LAANC Authorization

Avision is a web and mobile application used to manage drone operations. It is FAA-approved and offers both commercial and recreational pilots excellent flexibility for real-time and digital airspace reservation in controlled airspace. Signing up is free and can be found in the apple & google play stores.

eTT Aviation

Everything You Need to Know About LAANC Authorization

eTT Aviation Is another FAA-approved UAS service supplier that provides quick and easy LAANC authorization. It is a web-based application specializing in flexible aviation for drone pilots and aims to handle tracking, scheduling, lodging, and route building in the most organized way possible.

LAANC Authorization for Commercial Flying

Commercial drones are expected to receive LAANC authorization before they can be used, and if you’re looking for good drones to use for commercial purposes, you should check the best Holy Stone drones. Multiple services offer LAANC authorization quickly and easily. Here are some of the best options.


Airbus is one of the leading software approved by the FAA that provides LAANC for Part 107 drone operators and organizations. They’re an organization committed to ensuring that the skies are safer for your drones to be flown and done efficiently.

ANRA Technologies

One of the best organizations that provide LAANC for drones is ANRA technologies. They’re drone service providers that integrate ADS-B, radar, FLARM, and more to create a piece of more accurate, consistent, and helpful surveillance information. They also offer simulation services for using drones in a virtual or live environment to make a digital-twin experience.


Another fantastic platform that provides LAANC authorization for commercial drones is an operational intelligence system that gives real-time analysis and processing of large-scale data. Simulyze closes the gap in the data flow to allow commercial drone operations to access data quickly. With this, flying is more effortless and reduces the risk of collision and entering restricted zones.

What If My Flight Plan Is Rejected?

There are cases where your flight plan may be rejected, but it rarely happens, and most times, it’s down to user errors. It’s an easy fix; you should check your information, adjust the flight plan, and submit it again.

Final Thoughts

LAANC Authorization was made to bring unclassified or unmanned drones into controlled airspace and maintain safety. It also provides knowledge of an unmanned aircraft’s location in controlled airspace. It’s essential to ensure that the proper authorities approve your drone system before flying around just anywhere, and many apps have made it convenient.


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LAANC for Industry | Federal Aviation Administration
How does LAANC benefit Industry? The FAA is dedicated to ensuring drones are able to operate safely in the same airspace with manned aircraft. The LAANC capability offers industry the opportunity to work with the agency as we develop a UAS Traffic Management System (UTM).
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