Arizona Drone Laws: Legal Flights Without Fines

This article has summarized all the Arizona drone laws that are implemented by the federal, state and local authorities.
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Recent technological innovations have resulted in the massive usage of drones in a myriad of spheres across the world. It has also led to the development of cheap and impressive drones that have different speeds and control ranges. This has resulted in the implementation of rules and regulations to inhibit possible violations of their usage. The State of Arizona has Arizona drone laws that Federal USA agencies for drone safety, state and local authorities govern.

This is because drones are deemed unmanned aircraft that can execute numerous unscrupulous activities such as collecting personal data. However, drones are great tools to perform various day-to-day tasks. For instance, you can purchase the best drones for roof inspection and perform security purposes.

Numerous parameters determine drone laws. They include flying height, flying in restricted areas, flying over stadiums and sporting events, flying under the influence, and so forth. Read on to discover all you need to know about laws that govern the usage of drones in Arizona.

General Drone Regulations in Arizona

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures Trusted Source Current Unmanned Aircraft State Law Landscape | NCSL Beginning in the 2013 legislative session, state lawmakers have frequently considered many pieces of legislation addressing UAS. , more than 1.1 million drones have been registered. Drones are customized with numerous features that may help in facilitating a wide sheer of activities. For example, the DJI Mini 2 drone has a 12MP camera and level 5 wind resistance, offering numerous piloting roles. Additionally, there are wedding photography drones that ensure you capture stellar images for the occasion.

However, the usage of these devices is governed by drone regulations in Arizona. This allows the use of drones in regard to the FAA’s implemented rules.

Before taking a look at the laws, here are some of the definitions used in Arizona laws:

Model Aircraft

Arizona Drone Laws: Legal Flights Without Fines

You don’t need a license to fly an RC plane recreationally in the US at the moment.

It is a small unmanned aircraft that is a replica of an existing aircraft. It has to be flown within the visual sight of the pilot, and it is mainly used for recreational purposes.

Civil Unmanned Aircraft

It is majorly used for commercial roles by entities such as agencies.

Public Unmanned Aircraft

Its usage is stipulated for enhancing various government obligations, such as enforcing the law.

Unmanned Aircrafts

Arizona Drone Laws: Legal Flights Without Fines

To fly UAS for commercial purposes in the U.S., you must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA

These are autonomous aircrafts that are operated remotely with limited human intervention.

Critical Facility

This includes security and police centers, energy production and transportation facilities, courts, prisons, hospitals, water treatment facilities, among others.

Federal Drone Laws in Arizona

These laws were invented by the federal authorities to serve in all states nationwide.

The FAA’s Part 107 Small UAS Rule (Part 107) governs the usage of drones for commercial roles in Arizona. Commercial drone pilots are also required to conform with the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test. This will enable them to acquire a Remote Pilot Certificate. This ensures that pilots are well trained and informed on commercial flights in Arizona.

Drones such as the DJI Air 2S operate via a remote control which can create unprecedented fun. The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST) is applicable for pilots enjoying themselves. This law will ensure that pilots have all the required flying qualifications and enhance the FAA’s recreational model aircraft rules. There are also weight laws that govern the usage of drones in Arizona. If your aircraft exceeds the required weight threshold, you must adhere to drone registration in Arizona. Also, other rules that accompany recreational drones include flying height, visual sight, among others.

Arizona government employees, such as the law enforcers and the fire department, must cooperate with the FAA’s Part 107 rule so as to fly drones. In addition, a federal Certificate of Authorization (COA) may be required by such personnel in the usage of drones.

State Drone Laws in Arizona

Arizona Drone Laws: Legal Flights Without Fines

Drones are allowed in Arizona for recreational and commercial use, subject to FAA regulations and flight controls put in place by local governments.

These laws were invented by the Arizona State Legislature and serve the entire state. The following regulations are viable as per the SB 1449:

  • UAS cannot indulge in unmanned aircraft activities such as police and firefighter duties.
  • Disorderly Conduct applies when one flies a drone beyond the stated conditions. This includes flying over a person or property.
  • Flying above any critical facility by UAS is restricted. This is precisely on a horizontal range of 500 feet and a vertical height of 250 feet. Such facilities include water treatment facilities, power and energy stations, hospitals, military, and government entities.
  • Individual cities and towns cannot formulate new laws that govern the usage of drones in their locations. The Arizona State Legislature invents and implements all laws concerning the usage of drones.

State parks in Arizona do not permit the usage of drones in such premises. In addition, pilots who are in need of commercial use of drones in Arizona must adhere to a fil permit application. The FAA’s Part 107 rules apply to all drone pilots in Arizona. You must also be a holder of a legitimate license.

Local Drone Laws in Arizona

The AZ drone laws were implemented by several authorities within the state. As opposed to federal and state laws, local drone laws are viable in specific locations such as cities and towns.

The Town of Prescott Valley-Municipal Ordinance //2018 has policies that govern the use of drones by its employees. It also determines the operations that drones can participate in, such as emergency department, capital project management, search and rescue, law enforcement, and so forth.

The City of Phoenix-City Code Section 24-49 //2016 laws rebuke the operation of a drone within a city park. Additionally, taking off and landing in a city’s preserve is prohibited. However, there are parks stipulated for several drone operations within the city so you can fly your drone in Phoenix too. 

The Maricopa County-R-116 Aircraft and Engine Powered Models // 2016 restricts the usage of drones in parks that are owned by the county. Drone usage is also restricted in recreational areas that are not designated for such purposes. Furthermore, aircraft should be operated in a manner that cannot cause harm or hazards to the public.

According to Tuscon laws, drone usage is limited to law enforcement and emergency responders, and any use for commercial purposes requires approval from the city manager. Additionally, drones are prohibited from flying within 500 feet of structures or individuals, and flying over crowds of people is not allowed.

Do I Need a License to Fly a Drone in Arizona?

If you’re a commercial pilot in the state of Arizona, you are required to follow the requirements of the FAA’s Part 107 Small UAS Rule (Part 107), which includes passing the FAA’s Aeronautical Knowledge Test to obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate. If you want to use a drone for commercial purposes or for recreational purposes within 150m of people or built-up areas, you’ll need an A2 CofC drone licence. An Operational Authorisation is recommended for all commercial drone users. Your license will last for 1-5 years, depending on which one you get, after which time you can choose to renew.

Drone Flying Places in Arizona

In Arizona, there are various places where you can fly a drone, including parks, open spaces, and designated flying areas.

The official Phoenix government website lists 8 parks where flying drones is allowed. These parks are:

  • Coyote Basin
  • Desert Foothills Park (Lower Field)
  • Dynamite Park
  • El Prado Park
  • Esteban Park (East Quadrant)
  • Grovers Basin
  • Mountain View II Park (South of Ballfield)
  • Werner’s Field (with LAANC authorization from the FAA)

There are other parks in Phoenix, Arizona where you can fly your drone:

  • Tonto National Forest (except for Four Peaks Wilderness and the Superstition Wilderness areas)
  • Gilbert Regional Park
  • Skyline Regional Park
  • Arizona Model Pilots Society RC Flying Field
  • Desert Vista Park (except for Mountain Hills Park)
  • Superstition Airpark
  • Thude Park
  • Scottsdale Ranch Park
For instance, in Tuscon you can fly a drone at the following locations:
  • Christopher Columbus Park
  • Tanque Verde Wash

If you’re still unsure whether it’s allowed to fly a drone in a particular area in Arizona or it’s a no-fly zone, you can use a drone map, provided by DJI. DJI’s drone map provides real-time data on no-fly zones, air traffic, and weather conditions. This helps you stay informed about the restrictions in your area and plan your drone flights accordingly. The map can be accessed via the DJI app or website.


Can you fly a drone in Death valley?

Operating a drone in Death Valley National Park is prohibited unless you have written approval from the park superintendent. This includes launching, landing, or operating an unmanned aircraft within the park’s boundaries on lands and waters managed by the National Park Service.

Can you fly a drone at the wave trail in Arizona?

The specific regulations for flying a drone at the Wave Trail in Arizona are not known, but the National Park Service regulations state that launching, landing, or operating an unmanned aircraft (drone) within the boundaries of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument requires written approval from the superintendent. Without this approval, it is prohibited to fly drones over the lands and waters administered by the National Park Service within the boundaries of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument.

Can you shoot down a drone in Arizona?

It is illegal to shoot down a drone in Arizona. Tampering with or destroying another person’s property is considered a crime and can result in fines, imprisonment, or both. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also considers shooting down a drone to be illegal and punishable by civil penalties and fines. If you believe a drone is flying in a dangerous or unauthorized manner, it is recommended to contact local law enforcement or the FAA for assistance.

Can you fly a drone on or near the school property?

The legality of flying a drone on school property can vary depending on local laws and regulations, as well as the policies of the individual school or school district. In general, flying a drone on school property without permission may be considered trespassing and may result in legal consequences. Before flying a drone on school property, it is important to research and understand any local laws and regulations, as well as obtain permission from the appropriate authorities.

Is it illegal to fly a drone over private property in Arizona?

In Arizona, it is permissible to fly a drone above a house or private property as long as the drone isn’t hovering in close proximity or capturing/recording any images or videos without the property owner’s consent.

Final Thoughts

Drone usage has become rampant, especially in the states. Rookie and seasoned pilots may have some challenges when it comes to what are the drone laws in Arizona. In this article, we have discussed the federal, state, and local laws that govern the usage of drones in Arizona.

There are also terms that apply when understanding Arizona drone laws. They include model aircraft, unmanned civil aircraft, public unmanned aircraft, and critical facilities. Based on the Federal Aviation Administration Trusted Source Critical Infrastructure and Public Venues | FAA Drones are prohibited from flying over designated national security-sensitive facilities. , the flying of drones is restricted over critical facilities, such as security centers and other sensitive facilities.

You should also pass all the certifications required by the FAA and obtain a license to fly drones and model aircraft in Arizona. This will ensure that you have seamless flights without colliding with the authority and facing huge fines due to law breakage.


Current Unmanned Aircraft State Law Landscape | NCSL
Beginning in the 2013 legislative session, state lawmakers have frequently considered many pieces of legislation addressing UAS.
Critical Infrastructure and Public Venues | FAA
Drones are prohibited from flying over designated national security-sensitive facilities.
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