How to Fix a Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin – Effective Ways

This piece will explicitly elaborate on everything you need to know about how to fix a drone propeller that won't spin.
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Aircraft are provided with a proper lift through the help of drone propellers which spin to create airflow, resulting in a pressure difference between the top and bottom parts of the propeller. Your drone won’t fly as expected the moment the propeller fails to spin properly or not even spinning at all. This is because the functionality of the device depends on the effectiveness of all four blades. According to NASA Trusted Source Advanced Air Mobility: The Science Behind Quadcopters Reader | Some of the aircraft controlled in the AAM system are quadcopters, similar to commercially available drones. , the term “quadcopter” refers to the fact that they use four propellers to fly.

It’s therefore important that you seek how to fix a drone propeller that won’t spin to get on with your flight as fast as possible.  However, knowing where the problems lie may sometimes be tricky, but the issue can easily be resolved with proper direction.

In this article, we’ll explain in detail the step-by-step process to determine the causes for the quadcopter propeller not spinning and everything involved in eliminating the problem.

Determine and eliminate the cause

There are different great drones out there, particularly from brands such as Ruko and DJI, that can make you achieve the intended purpose for using the devices. However, the moment something goes wrong with the propellers, it is essential that you know where the issue lies and how to deal with it.

In this section, we’ll walk you through the different ways to determine and resolve the problems that make your drone propellers stop spinning.  Some of the causes of drone propellers won’t spin effectively include visible obstructions, improper transmitter to drone connections, trouble with the battery, or issues with components such as motors, propellers, and wiring of the drone.

Without much ado, let’s go through how to determine and eliminate the causes explicitly.

1. Are there visible obstructions?

The first practical step to take when you discover that your quadcopter propeller is not spinning is to check if there are visible obstructions or debris in the propeller/ propeller shafts, which can potentially occur after the correct movement of the blades, particularly the propeller speed and flight performance. Do this even before you access the inner workings of the device. By removing the debris and cleaning the drone thoroughly before powering it up, you can relatively fix the drone propeller that won’t spin quickly.

2. Is the remote or transmitter connected?

How to Fix a Drone Propeller That Won't Spin – Effective Ways

Most drones come with an RC transmitter explicitly designed for them, although RC transmitters can be interchangeable.

Try to check if the remote is not disconnected. The connectivity of the remote or transmitter is required for takeoff – without syncing the motors, they won’t spin, which will result in the propellers’ inability to spin. According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you must ensure that your drone is synced and appropriately connected to remote control before use.

Moreover, there may be issues with the syncing process if enough power is not provided for the remote, if the battery has been used multiple times before, or if the battery has been removed. To resolve this issue, you may want to replace the batteries in your remote with new ones (at least 1.5V) or check if the batteries are inside.

3. Are Gyros appropriately Initialized?

You must check the gyros initialization which has a lot to do with the speed of the propeller blades. A drone propeller that won’t spin correctly may be because of improper gyro initialization. Checking if your gyros are initialized appropriately is not rocket science. You can get it done via the remote control app. Gyros re-initializing process should be done on a flat surface— let the device stay still for about ten seconds. Since there are different amazing drones, you may want to check the model’s user manual of your drone for specific instructions on how to initialize the gyros appropriately.

4. Are the propeller and its shafts correctly installed?

Several issues can make the propellers not spin or spin incorrectly. If you have inserted the propellers incorrectly or loosely fitted them, it’s normal to see them having trouble spinning. You should expect the propeller to jam the motor if they are fitted too tight or too loose, resulting in the drone propeller won’t spin.

Furthermore, you may experience spinning issues if your propellers have become broken. Broken propellers are usually characterized by losing control and vibrating during flight or dropping from the atmosphere mid-flight (this obviously is a projected troublesome challenge). Therefore, it is very important that you watch out for small racks and bends that can affect the drone’s spinning capacity.

To get the best results, you may need to replace the broken propellers. Since there are different kinds of drones, the cost of replacement may vary in relation to the model and size of the drone,  the material the propellers are made of, and even the types of propellers. Nonetheless, it’s good news to know that propellers are cost-effective when compared to the other components of drones. It’s even advisable to keep a spare propeller in case there is a need for replacement for broken ones when discovered.

5. Is the internal and external wiring damaged?

How to Fix a Drone Propeller That Won't Spin – Effective Ways

One of the threats to the drone’s functionality is damaged wiring, which affects the spinning of the propellers.

As fragile cables, wires can easily get disconnected over time if they get stuck in trees or crash from time to time. External torn wires are conspicuous and can easily be repaired, but internal ones can be a significant issue.

Seeing that your drone propeller won’t spin, try to check if the wire is torn internally or externally.  Wiring issues pose a major threat to the functionality of the drone, which affects the propellers spinning.  Deal with this situation by replacing the torn wire and making sure that you tie the wire securely to minimize the risk of any further damage.

In addition, if there is an active service warranty on your drone, it’s advisable that you take it in for repairs. Note: DIY may void the warranties on your drone.  So, you may want to give it out to where it can be professionally handled rather than trying the ” Do-It-Yourself approach.”

6. Are the motors functioning properly?

Motors in drones are major components Trusted Source Components of a Quadcopter | George Mason University While some drones like the DJI Phantom look more or less the same from any angle, there is a front and back. major components that decide if the propellers will work correctly or not. In a situation where the motor is affected, several other things that relate to propellers can develop problems. So, motors are what you need to be very careful with, mainly when you’re working with them.

Your motor can be damaged in the process if your drone is engaged in aggressive motions such as yanking and tugging, which may disrupt the internal components and workings. The moment the motors are down, the propellers will also be affected.

Some of the things that can affect your motors’ functions include exposing the motors to small fibrous matter like hairs or carpet fibers (indoors engagement) and blades of grass or plant matter (outdoor engagements). To resolve the problem, remove the debris using a hook or a small pair of tweezers.

You may need to check if the motor has become connected, which makes the drone propeller not spinning. You may experience a disconnected motor during crashes or bumpy rides.  To deal with this issue, you have reconnected the motors back to where they should be. However, you may need to be careful not to cause more complex issues after tampering with the motor.

7. Is the motor damaged?

After checking and knowing for sure that propellers, batteries, and connections are not the problem, then the problem of the quadcopter propeller won’t spin may be because the motor is completely damaged. In such a situation, you may be left with two options which include either fixing the damaged motor suitably or changing the motor entirely to make the propellers spin correctly and have your drone function exactly the way you expect it.

Several things may cause broken or damaged motors and these may include water damage, motor mounts, bent shafts, and bad bearings. You will need different methods to resolve the issue if the damage is based on any of these causes.

Besides, you may need to watch out for some signs that indicate that your motor is broken. These include quadcopter propeller won’t spin, loss of power or control, and drone’s irregular vibrations.

Consult a specialist

There are cases when it becomes more expedient to consult a drone specialist. The primary duties of drone specialists include selecting the best equipment for repairing faulty drones, testing their systems after repairing them to be sure the drone is working properly, and ordering any extra components as needed to help deal with repair-time challenges.

You must ensure that you adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult drone specialists when you are not sure of the main cause of the situation. Yes, some cases need to be assessed by specialists to have the problem resolved perfectly. This may be after you’ve attempted all methods and they failed, which can mean that the issues are more complex; perhaps they are the drone’s inner-working problems caused by bumpy rides or due to a long time of use.

Repair cost

Fortunately, the different case reports concerning quadcopter propeller not spinning have been centered on minor problems which can be dealt with within a short period, with less effort, and without spending more than you have budgeted. Nevertheless, the repair cost for drone propellers that won’t spin can be cheap or expensive, depending on the identified problem.

Final thoughts

The article has unveiled the key causes of a drone propeller won’t spin, which can be traced to visible obstructions, remote connectivity, gyros initialization, incorrect propeller installation and its shafts, internal and external wiring damage, motor malfunction, and damaged motor. In order to resolve any of these problems after they have been identified, the piece has provided effective ways on how to fix a drone propeller that won’t spin. Sometimes you may need to replace a component of the drone to get back to action, and when the problem is beyond what you can handle, you should consult a drone specialist.

We wish you good luck and hope you managed to have your drone back in the air soonest!


Advanced Air Mobility: The Science Behind Quadcopters Reader |
Some of the aircraft controlled in the AAM system are quadcopters, similar to commercially available drones.
Components of a Quadcopter | George Mason University
While some drones like the DJI Phantom look more or less the same from any angle, there is a front and back.
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