DJI Inspire 2 vs Phantom 4: Which One to Choose?

Can't decide between DJI Inspire 2 and DJI Phantom 4? We compared them for you.
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Last updated: April 09, 2024
DJI Inspire 2
DJI Phantom 4
Can't decide between DJI Inspire 2 and DJI Phantom 4? We compared them for you.
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Picking a DJI drone can be quite tricky, considering how awesome their drones are. Unlike other drones, DJI, over the years, has proven to produce real drones, not toys. The Phantom 4 and the Inspire 2 are the most remarkable drones on the market and were released recently by DJI, the global leader in drone technology. Both are amazing devices with unique features.

With our guide, it won’t be a competition between DJI Inspire 2 vs Phantom 4. Picking a suitable drone for your needs would be done with ease. Our analysis is on various variables, including payloads, battery life, remote controller, modes, and flight autonomy.

Quick Overview Table

DJI Inspire 2  DJI Phantom 4
Dimensions unfolded 12.5 x 16.7 x 16.7 in. ‎14.96 x 8.66 x 12.8 in.
Weight 8.8 lbs. 16 lbs.
Diagonal span 23.8 in. n/s
Flight time 23-27 mins 28 mins
Max. speed 58 mph 44.7 mph
Max. wind resistance 22 mph 22 mph
USA range limit 4.3 miles 6-7 miles
Photo resolution n/s 1280×720 pixels
Video resolution 5.2K/30fps 4K/60 fps

DJI Inspire 2 and Its Main Features

The DJI Inspire 2 is the larger drone with more wind resistance. This drone can easily fly cameras like the X4S because of its capacity for carrying heavier payloads. These factors allow a pilot to use the Inspire 2 for various new drone jobs.

It features a slot for a micro 4/3 camera. Compared to the 2.0 system in the original Inspire 1, it boasts a CineCore 2.1 system. When paired with Zenmuse X7, it can also capture video up to 5.2k in DNG/RAW and Apple ProRes.


Your photographs’ quality can be improved by switching out the camera with the Inspire2. It is possible to attach the Zenmuse X4S to the Zenmuse X5S, Zenmuse X7, or Zenmuse X7. The X7 is the best of the three variants, which differ in quality.

Battery Life

DJI Inspire 2 vs Phantom 4: Which One to Choose?

The Inspire2 utilizes two TB50 Intelligent Flight Batteries. To guarantee dependability and safety, they offer twin battery redundancy. They can operate in chilly situations thanks to a self-heating feature as well.

The payload may impact the flying time. For instance, the X4S is the lightest and has a 27-minute flying duration prediction. The X7 (heaviest) has a battery life that is typically 23 minutes long.

Due to the double battery technology, even if one battery fails, the other may still fly for a sufficient time to guarantee a secure landing.

Remote Controller

Its controller has an effective transmission range of up to 4.6 miles and uses DJI Lightbridge technology. It can give FPV footage, 1080p and 720p video, and both to the camera operator or the pilot. By switching between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz control frequencies, the Remote Controller enables users to pass through noise for improved signal stability.

Flight Autonomy

The Inspire2 flies at an astounding 67 miles per hour, reaching 50 in just 5 seconds. Except for taxi cabs, it moves faster than any other metropolitan traffic. The drone can fly up to 5000m (16400 ft) above sea level thanks to special high-altitude propellers. This means that, unlike other drones, the DJI Inspire 2 may be utilized in many situations. With the help of these incredible features, Inspire2 can follow moving targets and record exciting sports action.

Additionally, the DJI Inspire 2 provides sophisticated obstacle avoidance. It has dual front cameras that face both above and downwards, as well as infrared sensors used to execute this technology. This ensures safe flight in confined spaces.

With a forward and downward vision system, it can identify obstructions up to 30 meters away. Using this capability, you can fly safely at up to 34 mph while maintaining a 25-degree controlled attitude tilt. The use of these top sensors might not be frequent. Even if you fly them inside to avoid hitting the ceiling, you’ll be happy you have them.


DJI Inspire 2 vs Phantom 4: Which One to Choose?

DJI Inspire 2 has various modes:

  • DJI Inspire 2 Spotlight Pro Intelligent Modes

It is a tracking option that enables single pilots to take detailed, dramatic pictures.

Two shooting options are available on the Inspire 2 Spotlight Pro: Quick Mode and Composition Mode.

  • DJI Inspire 2 TapFly Intelligent Flight Mode

The Inspire 2 has a specialized TapFly camera thanks to the 2-axis onboard FPV camera that divides the flight view from the main camera view. The Inspire 2 will automatically fly along a course defined by tapping a spot on the screen in the FPV view, freeing the pilot to concentrate on gimbal movement and video.

  • DJI Inspire 2 ActiveTrack Intelligent Flight Mode

The Inspire 2 can recognize various things with its ActiveTrack Mode, including people, motorcycles, vehicles, and boats. Greater tracking accuracy can be achieved by adjusting tracking profiles according to the person being tracked.

  • DJI Inspire 2 Smart Return To Home Safety Mode

The Inspire 2 logs its home point coordinates at takeoff. As such, it returns to the takeoff point if there is a loss of GPS signal, a loss of transmission to the remote control, a low battery, or mistakes.

DJI Phantom 4 and Its Main Features

The DJI Phantom 4, the more compact of the two, has a 1′′ sensor and a 24mm fixed focal length. It can record 4k videos at up to 60 frames per second and 20MP still photographs.

The Phantom 4 has a large, broad body and four top propellers. A 4K camera that can record both video and still images may be found between their two-leg stands. If you’re concerned about your weight, don’t be because it tips the scales.


The 1-inch, 20MP camera on the DJI Phantom 4 offers a maximum frame rate of 4K at 60 frames per second. A 14 fps Burst mode is also included. When the camera lens is moved quickly, rolling visual distortion is lessened by the mechanical shutter.

Battery Life

DJI Inspire 2 vs Phantom 4: Which One to Choose?

The Phantom 4 works with an Intelligent Flight Battery optimized for the quadcopter drone to enhance longevity and dependability. With a maximum capacity of 5350 mAh and a LiPo 4s battery, the flying time is now almost 30 minutes longer than with the Phantom 3. The battery’s four LED indicators display its remaining life and its status during charging.

Remote Controller

DJI Inspire 2 vs Phantom 4: Which One to Choose?

With the integration of a video downlink and a simple aircraft remote control system, the Phantom 4 remote controller offers high-quality wireless communication. These two functions both need 2.4GHz.

Additionally, the controller has several features that offer more camera management on the Phantom 4. This includes the opportunity to take control of the gimbal’s motion as well as the capability to examine your photographs and videos.

The controller for the Phantom 4 is powered by a 2S rechargeable battery (capacity: 6000mAH). Easy-to-monitor LED indications are placed at the bottom of the remote controller’s front panel to show the remaining power level, ensuring a low battery never catches you off guard.

The Phantom 4’s reputation for user-friendliness is cemented by these features, which let you fly how you want.

Flight Autonomy

In addition to having two front and back sensors, the DJI Phantom 4 also has infrared sensors. One of the safest drones on the market is this one.

No need to be concerned about colliding with anything because the technology builds a 3D representation of the environment the drone is flying in in real time. Wherever it flies, the DJI Phantom 4 will automatically direct it clear of peril and keep your drone safe.


Currently, the Phantom4 has some incredible intelligent flight modes. They include:

  • Tapfly: This allows it to fly in any direction.
  • Active Track: It enables it to track down fast-moving objects.
  • Draw Mode: The Phantom4 will fly the path you draw on the RC display when in drawing mode. It locks its altitude as well.
  • Return to Home: Based on the surrounding environment, the Phantom 4 tracks its flight path and can choose the most efficient course home.

For its current pricing, the DJI Phantom 4 offers all the conveniences to create a remarkable experience. This is a must-buy for someone interested in quadcopters.

Which One is Best for You?

The size, selection of lenses, and image quality of the two drones are different. Both drones will satisfy experts and customers. You and your finances must make a choice. If you want a drone that can switch out with other cameras to take higher-quality pictures, the DJI Inspire 2 is a wonderful option.

The DJI Phantom 4 will be cheaper even though the Inspire 2 might provide additional possibilities. If you’re searching for a drone for vacation, leisure, real estate, or personal use, the Phantom 4  is the ideal option. If you’re searching for a drone to use for high-end production or commercial work, the Inspire 2 is your best option. The camera can be improved or upgraded to become a specialized photo or cinema camera

It’s crucial to take your finances and future goals into account. It’s critical to consider your purchase’s convenience and portability. The DJI Phantom 4 comfortably travels in a 20 kg shoulder bag compared to the Inspire 2, which weighs 50 pounds. Everything depends on what you need from your drone.

Excellent professional products that will meet your demands are the Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 drones. We hope that this information helps you make the best decision possible.
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Final thoughts

By the end of this review, I believe you’ll want the DJI Inspire 2 if you intend to fly drones professionally because it has interchangeable lenses, is more durable, and is just made better. We believe phantom 4  is a better option if you’re an enthusiast or just looking for a drone for entertainment. The Inspire 2 is designed for pros, while the Phantom4  is more suited for enthusiasts.  Also, the Phantom 4 Pro is a better option than DJI Phantom 4. You can check out our Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 review. With this review, we believe the choice between DJI Inspire 2 vs Phantom 4 has been made easy.


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